Cafe Corsa | Downtown LA

Not many people have the privilage of being able to claim being KICKED out of a coffee shop. What can I say, I talk loud.

From the second I parked my bike and walked into this “ducati” name bearing coffee shop, with it’s motorcycle magazines everywhere and and Ducati striped plates and cups, I was happy. The owner was a biker.

As it turns out, the owner’s no schmuck when it comes to making coffee either. When he brought me a cup full of foam pushing an inch over the cup, looking more like soft marang than normal milk, I thought I was in for the same-old gross cappuccinos I’ve come to expect when visiting new non-recommended places. But as soon as I tasted it, I knew something was different. It tasted good. And coffee drinks only taste good if you work hard to make them taste good.

It turns out the barista purposefully made the milk heavier than normal, believing a cappuccino should be “eaten as well as drank.” It was really heavy. I can’t say I prefer it to traditional drinks, but it was well done and I respect that.

The pecan pastry I enjoyed had great texture, and you could tell the ingredients were quality.

My only quam with ambiance (and this is completely personal) would probably be that very insignificant thing about being kicked out for talking on my cell too loud. I wasn’t actually kicked out, but was asked many many times to please leave if I continued talking. But you know what – I am loud sometimes (ask my Wife!), so I won’t hold that against them.

They probably have my picture up on a ‘wanted’ board now. But if you live close you should try it out, maybe buying a cup of CLOVER coffee. But I also recommend maybe try the ‘Dante’, a drink they invented infusing orange juice and chocolate with a traditional cappuccino!


Los Angeles, CA

Cafe Corsa
2238 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA
United States
(213) 746-2604

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