Cafe Culture | Altadena

Cafe Culture in Altadena is an example of a coffee shop that WANTS to do it right, but might not know how. They keep the place clean, serve great sandwiches and soup, have very fresh coffee at all times, but possibly the worst espresso in the area.

A while back I actually saw espresso grounds being REUSED for second and third shots. My unfortunate friend, who’s drink these shots were being made with, related that the taste was exactly what you’d expect. GROSS.

But if you avoid espresso drinks here, the coffee is not great, but not too bad either. It won’t win competitions, but does the job.

And paired with lots of seating, good lunch food, and free internet – this place is perfect if you live close.

Cafe Culture is possibly another case of what I call being “the best of boring.” Are they trying to get better at what they do, sampling from the local competition, imagining how they can be better? Maybe. I believe that they WANT to be better. Maybe they just don’t know how.

I venture to guess that better research might show a connection between coffee shops that were TRAINED by great roasting partners, and ones who tried to learn on their own. Many roasting facilities have started encouraging shops, and sometimes charging them, to have professional training. Maybe I’ll dig some more research into this later.


Pasadena, CA

Cafe Culture
1359 N Altadena Dr
Pasadena, CA
United States
(626) 398-8654

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