Cafe De Leche | Highland Park

Cafe De Leche | Highland Park

This place is the reason I love coffee so much. Some times I wonder why I waste energy caring so much, and then I walk into places like Cafe De Leche, on 5000 York in Highland Park.

The Coffee is amazing, all of it. Cappuccino’s, glasses filled with cold brew, fresh drip: all of it is what I’ve come to expect only in high dollar fancy-shmancy coffee shops like LAMill. But these guys are the real deal – a home-grown cafe full of people who just love coffee.

And you’ll see all the signs of amazing shop owners too: they experiment with new drinks, they taste test anything they make before serving, they sample multiple roasters around L.A. to find the perfect bean for their clients.

Though I’ve been here many times, for this review I specifically chose the Cappuccino – and it was great as usual. The espresso was slightly sour I think, but the milk was perfect – and all around the drink was complex, rich, yet well balanced.

Food is also good here, although they mostly serve pastries. On a huge plus, they offer great sodas and juices too – including Mexican CocaCola (cane sugar baby) and other hand selected drinks.

Definitely the place for working, meeting a client/friend, or even a casual date.



Cafe De Leche
5000 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 551-6828?
Internet: Yes.
Parking: usually can find parking on south side of 50th st..

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