Coffee by the Books | Pasadena

The Fuller Theological Seminary owned coffee shop on Walnut St in Pasadena is really a surprising little enterprise. The employees there, mostly comprised of Seminary students, continually strive to make better coffee.

As with many aspiring coffee shops, I have found their baristas inconsistent making quality drinks. But my most recent rosetta adorned cappuccino was very tasty. I’ve been very impressed by the espresso there before, who’s beans come from Coffee Klatch in San Dimas. But a fresh french roast or brewed coffee can be very good also. The key here (which is good rule of thumb at most coffee shops) is to ask for brewed coffee when it’s fresh, or else go for espressos drinks.

Food is approvable. It won’t likely be featured in any magazines, but is convenient for study habits.

The ambiance actually lends itself nicely to conversing philosophy and religion, both with indoor seating and an outdoor patio. They do not have outlets at all, and can sometimes be busy. I believe the shop is intended to be convenient for students and faculty at the Seminary. But the inspired workers have made it convenient for any passing customer to get good coffee.


Pasadena, CA

Coffee by the Books
509 East Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA
United States
(626) 584-5386
-15 minute parking on curb is usually available. Longer can be tough during school hours.