Coffee Klatch | San Dimas

Consistency. That’s the word missing from many of the ‘almost great’ coffee shops in Greater LA area. And Coffee Klatch, in San Dimas, follows that same trend. Drinking great coffee at this well known coffee roaster’s only retail shop is pretty much hit or miss.

Walking in to see the “Home of the US Barista Champion Heather Perry” banner hanging on the back wall, it is completely natural to have somewhat elevated expectations when ordering a drink. You get the feeling you’re about to be served from Heather Perry herself, a one of a kind experience that will keep you coming back for more. But the chance of having a great drink here is only that – a chance.

My cappuccino today was extremely ‘miss’. Espresso was over extracted (that means took way to long for water to pour through grinds), and milk was sort of dead – not really sour or bitter, just tasteless. What’s up, Coffee Klatch. Where’s the love?

Food is a little better in my experience. In house made muffins and sandwiches are better than average.

Ambiance is decent. It is as good as any coffee shop in the center of a Business Plaza can be. But it’s very clean, plenty of seating (indoor and out), and free internet.

Plus the pictures of Barista Championships are posted everywhere – which adds to the excitement. But you only get to IMAGINE what great cappuccino’s must taste like at those competitions – where all of Coffee Klatch’s really good barista’s must be sent.


San Dimas, CA

Coffee Klatch
806 W Arrow Hwy # A
San Dimas, CA
United States
(909) 599-0452

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