COFFEEwithChuck: Who Am I?

COFFEEwithChuck: Who Am I?

There are very few people more passionate about coffee culture than Chuck. Ok that’s weird – no more referring to myself in the third person. Hi, I’m Chuck. I love coffee.

As I was saying, you might find people who make better coffee, drink more coffee, have been to more coffee shops, have met more coffee fanatics, or almost started more coffee shops. But when it comes to overall, pure coffee passion, I’ll be near the top of the list (although I have absolutely no references to back this data up). I love coffee.

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I read Coffee with Chuck?” Good question.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this because you a) like coffee, b) think you know a little about it, c) don’t really know squat (but want to), and possibly d) need some new coffee shops to use for your habitual coffee-camper habits (coffee camper: someone who buys a cup of coffee at an unfortunate cafe somewhere, and finishes their 3000-word essays on Marxism before returning to the counter to ask if refills are free).

So, if any of these subjects spark your interest right now, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of each other: same time, same place.

Weekly Coffee Feature

Let’s start this off right. If you live in Pasadena, and have never been to Jones Coffee Roasters (537 S Raymond Ave) you’re in for a serious treat. Not only would they be in any respectable top 10 list for coffee shops in all of Los Angeles, they also happen to be my friends. Pay them a visit, and tell them Chuck sent you (warning, if you do that, they will probably just give you a funny look).

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