Daily Grind Coffee House | Pasadena

By way of Coffee shops in Pasadena, the Daily Grind doesn’t have a lot going for it.

From the start, parking is a hassle in downtown Pasadena. It’s doable if you’re used to it, and know exactly where to go, but won’t be welcoming for new comers, and parking on the street is expensive.

Once you get into the little store, you’ll be presented with the option of having maybe really really bad espresso type drinks, or really bad tea drinks. The espresso drink might be scorching hot, burnt tasting milk, and taste like a microwaved beverage from the day before. Maybe. The tea might be bad because the actual TEA wasn’t brewed properly. Maybe. A hard choice to make if you’ve decided you do want a drink. Maybe bottled water should be an option too.

They make their muffins in-house. The chocolate muffin I purchased tasted exactly like something I would make using a nice box mix.

Seating options include the outdoor area, which would be really nice if it wasn’t for that noisy 3 lane street that makes it hard to properly relax. In doors is fine though, but feels a little cramped (just my humble opinion).

All around there’s a lot not going for the Daily Grind Coffee House at the moment. I personally don’t like having to make so many choices between bad and worse.


Pasadena, CA

Daily Grind Coffee House
100 W Green St
Pasadena, CA
United States
(626) 683-3743

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