Eagles Landing Coffee House | Eagle Rock

It’s unfortunate when I find a “might have potential” off-the-beaten path shop, like Eagles Landing Coffee House in Eagle Rock, yet their coffee is just gross.

On the up side, this little coffee shop is connected to a Recreational center and has pool tables, couches, and music happening many nights of the week.

On the down side, their coffee is horrible. My cappuccino was scalding hot, the milk bubbles were as big as soap suds. Actually, it tasted a little like soap suds, after my taste buds kicked back in from the likely 200+ degree drink.

For now, if you decide if you want to pay them a visit, call before coming (if you’re itching to) and ask about the coffee standards. The shop just opened last month, and since it can only get better – maybe it will.



Eagles Landing Coffee House
4808 Townsend Ave
Eagle RockCA
(323) 257-6102
Internet: Yes.
Parking: plenty before or after the elementary/high school crowd… don’t come between 3 & 6pm.

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