Groundworks Coffee | Downtown LA

You can always tell when you’re in a coffee shop that evolved out of a great roasting company. They have a sort of no-nonsense feel, with less attention to cushions and coasters than to great coffee.

Groundworks most recent LA location on 2nd Street is no different. The baristas are well trained, and my wife’s Chai was perfection. My ‘single serving’ drip coffee was not quite as awesome, but leagues ahead of most drip brewers.  It’s an individual cup -coned filter that usually brews the cleanest and tastiest coffee money can buy. Unfortunately, I think the barista just eye balled my water and ground measurements, so the balance ended up a little strong.  But, since it was still early in the day, I was just happy for the caffeine at that point.

They also serve the ‘get me to work quick’ coffee (you know, big air pots filled with possibly fresh organic coffees), and lots of fresh pastries. Our chocolate croissant was average, good enough, as they say, for government workers – which is apt since it’s right next to city hall.

But don’t expect anything out of the ordinary here in terms of ambiance. The two story coffee shop, along with its three outdoor tables, is great for locals, courthouse jurors, and post-lunch coffee fiends, but not worth rush hour traffic for the rest of us.


Los Angeles, CA

Groundwork Coffee Co
108 W 2nd St # 107
Los Angeles, CA
United States
(213) 620-9668
Internet: yes.
Parking: non work hours are good, during the day can be complicated.
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