Intelligentsia | Venice Beach

Intelligentsia | Venice Beach
Photography courtesy of A. Rios.


That’s the only way I can describe the approach the guys took who designed the new Venice Beach, CA location for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea. In fact, it feels like a committee of innovative coffee lovers forgot to invite someone who had been to a coffee shop before. It’s really that different.

Walking up an outdoor walkway surrounded by plants and multi-level wooden bench rows, I noticed hipster’s, beach lovers, and average ‘joes’ alike were seated on stack-able cushions with wooden trays.

I found myself being herded into a fast moving line. Waiting my turn, I played with the guest book provided for patrons to scribble their name as they waited. Rather cheesy, but the guestbook included a cool stamp that looked like an espresso tamper.

My turn came fast though, and a dude greeted me just like a restaurant host, and I followed, along with the guy waiting behind, around to one of 4 barista stations, where  I naturally felt inclined to talk to my ‘comrade’ as we were being served amazing coffee & goodies. I had a latte and lemon scone.

The vibe inside is both eclectic and invites you to share your experience with someone. And since none few of the bleacher/seats include tables, it’s probably not a great place to bring your laptop.

However, a date on your way to or from the beach sounds just right.

Photography by A. Rios.


Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA
Internet: no.
Parking: can be crowded, but there is a back lot available.
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