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Monrovia Coffee is the practical coffee shop I wish was closer to my house. It may not have the best coffee, food, or ambiance. But it’s certainly a place you end up wanting to go to for lots of reasons.

It’s a great place to work for a few hours. It’s a great place to meet friends. It has indoor and outdoor seating. It’s open late. Etc.

The coffee is ok. Not what it should be, unfortunately, but worth the price and full of caffeine. The cappuccino (my usual review drink) was what you come to expect from average coffee shops – un-perfected. What I mean is simply a drink that wasn’t poured over and over again on late saturday nights and after hours in the hopes of making better. It’s a drink that takes lots of work to get right, and few do.

The bear claw, from local Pavilians grocery, passed the ‘feed me and taste decent’ test.

Ambiance, a word quickly becoming ambiguous since the possible definitions continue to grow, would probably be considered “low” if you ask any regulars. But all of them like the coffee shop for one reason or another. As I said before, it’s practical.

I’ve visited twice today.


Monrovia, CA

Monrovia Coffee Co
425 S Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA
United States
(626) 305-1377

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