Sabor Y Cultura | Pasadena

“No.” That’s the automatic response my brain tells me to say every time the girl at Sabor Y Cultura asks “would you like a drink?” The coffee drinks, the blended drinks, the espresso drinks: all the drinks are bad.

The few times I’ve visited this shop, I marveled at the sign behind the bar that read “Best of L.A, 2004,” since the shop is relatively new. As it turns out, Sabor Y Cultura won the award at its 5625 Hollywood Blvd location, with previous owners. The new owners took over the shop, and now have branched out with the Sabor name to Pasadena, taking over a location that was just closed by a previous coffee/tea shop.

Interestingly, you would think that if you start a business in a store that just recently went out of business, you would plan on doing things differently. But not Sabor, with it’s “Best of L.A.” sign to hand around. The store looks, smells, and tastes identical to the former Metropolitan & Tea Shop that closed due to lack of customers.

Since their internet is free for 9 hours with a single purchase (a decidedly redeeming factor), I decided it was worth a visit or two. And among other drinks, the cappuccino was horribly bad: lots of car sized foam bubbles sitting on top of an acridic tasting shot of espresso, and all for $3 something.

If you must go, be sure to drink ahead or buy a coke.


Sabor Y Cultura

Sabor Y Cultura
759 n el molino Ave
Pasadena, California 91104
Internet: yes
Parking: Usually plenty of parking inside building from S Oak Knoll entrance.

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