Swork Coffee | Eagle Rock

Locally owned Swork Coffee is a super popular coffee shop in Eagle Rock likely to be jam packed morning, evening, or night. So what’s all the fuss about?

I’m not sure actually. But since I’ve found myself visiting on a number of occasions, I’d have to say a combination of convenience, decent food, and not-horrible coffee.

But for me,  “not-horrible” is a polite way of saying “not-good.” My cappuccino was way below what you’d expect from such a cool looking place. Espresso shot must have been pulled too long, and even my wife looked skeptically at the milk. We’ve all seen it: uneven layers of bubbly milk froth that just doesn’t blend into the espresso no matter how vigorously you stir. As my nose was splattered with milk foam, my taste buds said “decent if for free.” But it wasn’t free… it just shy of 3 dollars.

The walnut brownie was surprisingly good though. It was more cake like than usual, with drizzled chocolate syrup, and served warm: very nice.

Ok, so ambiance is cool here too. Maybe I do see what all the fuss is about. It feels like a good spot to argue up all the subjects philosphes would enjoy. A while ago the paper sitting at my table was a local paper turned to an article about medical marijuana. I won’t tell you my thoughts here, but sitting in the middle of Eagle Rock seemed like the perfect place to read it.



Swork Coffee
2160 Colorado Blvd.,
Eagle Rock, CA
(323) 258-5600?

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