The Coffee Gallery | Altadena

Why go to The Coffee Gallery, in Altadena if their coffee is horrible?

Well, first there is free internet. Second, they have absolutely amazing breakfasts served until 10:30 (Friday is pancake day, and they’re worth every bite!). Third, and lastly, lots and lots of indoor and outdoor seating.

That pretty much makes this a decent restaurant, not a place to buy coffee. Unless, of course, you are accustomed to drinking 5 hour old coffee. The last time I came in, they had stacked so many coffee air pots out (10 I believe), that the barista had no idea which was freshest.

But that’s not all. After asking a few ‘innocent’ questions (I thought so anyway) I found that the barista does not LIKE or DRINK coffee.

Seriously, we need to bombard this place with polite requests to up their coffee quality, especially since everything else there is great.



The Coffee Gallery
2029 Lake Ave Altadena, CA 91001 – (626) 398-7917
Open Weekdays 6am-10pm; Weekends 7am-10pm
Internet: yes.
Parking: fairly easy to find on street.
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