Urth Caffe | Santa Monica

A+. That’s the score I believe any good teacher would willing give Urth Caffe in Santa Monica.

This local chain serves “exclusively organic coffees and fine teas,” but organic coffee doesn’t always translate to good coffee. I was skeptical at first. But the first time the confusing register girl asked me if I wanted “American or Italian style”, “double or single”, “larger or small”, “strong or mild” (and I think she had more she might have asked too), I knew they intended to serve good coffee.

I have to wonder if they intend customers to think that any bad drinks are their own fault, since you feel like you made the drink yourself after all the choices. Even I felt I needed to go back specifically to order another ‘style’ of cappuccino. To my delight, both were great: complex yet balanced espresso flavors, and milk so rich and delicious it could easily be eaten by itself.

Food is also on another playing field from ‘minor’ league coffee shops in LA. They serve a plethora of house made cakes, scones, and cookies. None of them are cheap, but not quite expensive either. They are delicious.

The restaurant decor also lends itself to a great experience. You’re served your order by extremely friendly (and frequenting) servers. And as you sit in the covered patio’s, you can imagine the ocean waves which are just a block away (can’t really hear them of course – come on, this is LA).

Besides my advice that Urth needs a little sit down with the Snyder family at In-N-Out about menus (just a thought), I heartily enjoy this place. I wouldn’t advice any work done here, it’s not meant for it. But an afternoon or after dinner date would be perfect.


Santa Monica, CA

Urth Caffe
2327 Main St
Santa Monica, CA
United States
(310) 314-7040

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