Fix Coffeee | Echo Park

The first time I rode my motorcycle down the retardedly steep decline on Baxter street to get to Fix Coffee in Echo park, I thought I was going to die. No really, my bike is really old. This coffee shop is dead in the center of a bunch of fun hills that were transported straight over from San Fran. And that adds to the ‘off the beaten path’ feeling you get being there.

Their coffee is great. The owner, a software dude actually, carefully chooses coffee snobs who have years of experience, and that excitement is obvious in every drink. This morning, I had an amazing cappuccino so rich, I wanted to close my eyes to take it in. Hmm. I felt the milk could have been a little sweeter, but I’m sure the barista steamed it purposedly to create that amazing flavor.

Pastries are great too. Their brand of scones are scrumptious – buttery sweet, not too dry, really full of flavor.

Most seating is outside. There is little traffic on the adjacent street, since it’s in the center of a residential area – which creates an almost serene atmosphere. But beware of extra hot days and owning plug needy laptops.

It may not make a top 5 list for me in all LA, but among non-commercialized (aka – home owned) coffee shops, this is an exceptionally run cafe.


Los Angeles, CA

Fix Coffee
2100 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 284-8962

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