Jameson Brown Roasters | Pasadena

Jameson Brown Roasters | Pasadena

I’ve heard about Jameson Brown Roasters through the grapevine as a really community involved, volunteering, ministry oriented place that really plugs back into Pasadena. They’re pretty young in terms of their retail portion of the shop, but seem to be getting popular very quickly. But after 3 visits, I feel pretty confident that, up to this point, their actual drinks aren’t up to par with their reputation.

My cappuccino purchased most recently had very burnt milk – of the degree that once it cooled down enough for me to sip the drink flavor was completely dead. And since my friends soy cappuccino was exactly the same this recent trip, and my last visit’s drink was not good – I have to guess it’s somewhat normal here.

The scone I had was a little better experience. I personally like richer, moist scones than the more European biscuit style dry sconces served here. But none the less, they are good.

Ambiance is the most redeeming factor at Jameson Brown. Even though it is basically a small warehouse, the exposed brick walls and wall benches sort of add to the exciting authentic feeling that your ‘where the action happens’ so to speak. With the roasting machines right behind the baristas, and sacks of green coffee lined up – you feel like you’re getting the coffee from the source.

Overall I think they have a little ways to go – seating is a little limited, coffee’s aren’t quite up to par, and their food and drink prices are equivalent to many shops with better coffee. But, as I mentioned earlier – they are young.

And I have the distinct feeling that Pasadena residents will be tasting much better drinks from them in the future!


Pasadena, CA

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters
260 N Allen Ave
Pasadena, CA
United States
(626) 395-7585