Coffee at Home

Coffee at Home

As cool weather approaches, many of us won’t want to leave the house just to make amazing coffee. Let me give you the low down on how to make the best coffee on earth with a grinder, glass pitcher, and your tea kettle.

This takes a little investment upfront, because you need a grinder, coned brewer (A Melitta single-cup filter goes for $5, later you can upgrade to Chemex for $30), and high quality filters (Chemex filters -$8/100). Lastly you need to find a local roaster and ask for best roast that week. Only buy a half pound because that allows you to use it while it is still fresh.

Sound like work? It’s not! Making great coffee at home takes five minute of your time, and you can use the same method the most expensive coffee shops in the world use. Just try this once, and I promise you’ll be sending me thank you emails for weeks.

Here’s what to do:
First: Heat up filtered water in your tea kettle to 195 – 202 degrees (ok, ok – if the whistle blows you’re close enough. as your finish the following steps).
Second, with filter placed in the Melitta over a cup, grind 2 or 3 TB spoons of beans, and scoop exactly 2 leveled TB into your filter.
Third, when water is 200, pour exactly 10oz of it over the grinds. Don’t stir. Just let it work it’s magic.

Be careful, this actually is hot.

Advanced Tips (that don’t take more work): Tip #1: heat up cup while waiting for the water to heat with hot water (really helps taste from diminishing as coffee drips into it). Tip #2: as water is heating- pour just enough water into the grinds to wet them thoroughly without much dripping through. If done right you’ll see lots of little bubbles of acid and bad flavors air out of the top. This dramatically improves the quality of the coffee, and gives you a ‘clean’ texture and enhanced flavor.

Including filters and $6 1/2 pound of amazing organic beans, cost/cup is about 46¢. Drink responsibly.

Weekly featured coffee
If you want to taste test this drink, try to visit one of Groundworks Coffee Company’s 6 locations around greater los angeles. Be sure to ask for single drip style, and as your waiting ask to taste test the airpot coffee’s. When you’re served your single drip you’ll immediately taste the difference.

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