Conservatory For Coffee | Culver City

Conservatory For Coffee | Culver City

If you 1) live in Westside-Southbay LA area, 2) like coffee, yet 3) have NOT been to this featured coffee shop yet – you should feel ashamed of yourself, really really ashamed. The jewel I’m reviewing today is called The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa – and it seems they have indeed found a way to hoard all of the best aspects of all three of their named drinks.

They serve cappuccino’s a bit wet or ‘American Style,’ and since I visit so many coffee houses I’m continually prepared for surprises in variation and style. Though my medium cappuccino was closer to a latte, I was extremely impressed with the flavor. The milk was perfect, and the latte art was actually amazing – a full flower.

Their scones are perfectly American – heavy, sweet, not too dry, and very good.

Across from Sony Pictures Studios, their location has outdoor and indoor seating, visible roaster near entrance, free internet, and a wall full of vintage coffee makers – everything you would want in a great coffee shop.

Wrapped up in phrase, this is my new favorite coffee shop in LA. The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa spends almost as much time laboring over each cup of fabulous coffee as it’s owner did coming up with its name. And if “Coffee Tasting” catches on as much as I predict in the future, this beautiful shop will be regular destination.


Culver City, CA

Conservatory For Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
10117 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA
United States
(310) 558-0436

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