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My visit to the Hollywood location proved very exciting: I sipped my cappuccino from a cup while sucking in the morning news from a billboard across the street on the CNN skyscraper. I also enjoyed watching superman and a few other actors on their way to hollywood blvd to make a few bucks, and left with a big ol’ parking ticket. Yes – my experience was extremely exciting.

My cappuccino, however, was not exciting. The espresso was extremely flat, and the milk was barely warm when served – making for a very unremarkable cup of warm milk. I watched and spoke with the barista who made the drink, and wasn’t especially impressed with his knowledge of coffee – (although it could have just been one of those days). I purchased a brewed coffee on my way in hopes of redemption, but it was almost cold (and completely dead of flavor!). Hmm… not what I expected after my Downtown visits.

My pastry was what I would call ‘grab and go’ -food you buy because you forgot to eat or didn’t have time to even have cereal. It was unremarkable. Coffee shops should try to be remarkable, as all businesses should be. Why serve food if you’re not excited about feeding people!

The did enjoy the energetic ambiance. That is due, I’m sure, to great interior setup and design. But a place like this would be brimming out the street if it had amazing coffee. ‘Content is king’, as I say in web design. And for coffee shops – your primary content is coffee. If you focus on great coffee and customer satisfaction, the rest will often fall into place.

Although this is only my second Groundworks location I’ve been acquainted with in LA, I have to say I’m unimpressed thus far. One key ingredient to running multiple coffee shops locations in my opinion is always to hire employees passionate about coffee!


Groundworks Coffee, Hollywood

Groundwork Coffee Company
1501 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, CA
United States
(323) 871-0107

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