Kiss me macchiato, my valentine this year

Kiss me macchiato, my valentine this year

As a man, I often find myself wishing women were more like double macchiatos.  Two shots of delicious espresso, served with just a spot of milk: exactly what I’ve come count on for everything the other sex cannot provide.

A macchiato never talks back. It is perpetually pleasant. It constantly encourages. It provides 100% satisfaction, and asks for nothing in return. Some find it more beautiful than others. But it consistently tastes like heaven.

Sometimes I feel guilty. Should I be able to pay less than $2 dollars for something this exquisite. I found my eyes closed in a public shop this morning as I savored the untouched, full bodied, Italian bred beauty. A fellow devotee said “first time here huh?” No. But as I get older I know that this is some of the easiest lovin’ I’m going to get.

My word of advice to all genders this valentines day: bring your date to a coffee shop. Regardless of romance, you are guaranteed satisfaction.

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