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Ok, I officially have a new method to writing coffee shop reviews. And Chango Coffee, near Echo Park in LA, is the reason for my sudden change in both personal – and this coffee blog’s – beliefe about what a coffee shop should be. But more about that below.

As for rating Chango’s review, I wasn’t impressed with their drinks at all. I was told about Chango from my friends (the owners) over at the amazing Cafe De Leche – a place that somewhat consistently serves great drinks. But Chango’s own drinks were a bummer, I thought.

The cappuccino was (to be polite) not enjoyable.

Their scones (the only food I ordered) are ok. Not worth $3something in my opinion. I’ve heard their sandwich type food is great. But why offer ‘ok’ scones, & ‘great’ sandwiches? Why not just offer sandwiches?

The ambiance though, is well – awesome. It’s hard to know what people look for in a coffee shop really. But I’d say this place would make most people happy. It has lots outdoor & indoor seating, free wifi, great music, a super friendly staff, etc. It just ‘feels’ like a great place.

Would I recommend it to friends though??

The phrase is really a cop out here – but valid none the less: it depends. It depends on if you like ‘great coffee.’ If you consider yourself a wannabe, fledgling, or serious coffee connoisseur – you’ll be super disappointed. The coffee just isn’t up to par yet. But if you just like caffeine and want a good place to meet friends or do work on your laptop – this place might be perfect.

And that brings me to my last point. The reason I haven’t been posting many reviews recently is because of this combination of rules I have: 1) don’t post places with bad coffee, & 2) visit a place at least 3 times before reviewing. The point of this blog isn’t to bash places, its to help visitors find great coffee shops, so in the last 5 months I’ve visited probably 15 or 20 new places that I didn’t really think visitors would be interested in. But when I visited Chango, read its reviews on Yelp ( with tons of random ridiculous reviews as always ), and remembered that my friends as Cafe De Leche like this place – I realized that visitors might want to make up their own mind.

From now on I’m planning on only visiting a place TWICE before reviewing, and posting no matter what. If the coffee is bad but ambiance is good – maybe that’s useful to someone.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Los Angeles, CA

Chango Coffee Inc
1559 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 977-9161

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