Coffee Is Where the Heart Is

Coffee Is Where the Heart Is

I’ve decided that a person’s ‘favorite’ coffee shops has little to do with coffee itself! What they appreciate are cafes that have the same values as they have, which undoubtedly vary between customers. It is impossible to accurately guess which coffee shop someone will like. That is because everyone is looking for something different.

I’ve written 38 coffee related articles & reviews over the past year, and the only consistent opinion I receive from followers is that no opinion is consistent! Cafe’s are simultaneously full of people that are satisfied & dissatisfied with the same drip brew. Customers will rave to friends about the great food, while those same friends avoid it like the plague. Everything from ambiance, noise, and parking, to barista experience, service level, and even lighting – all are subjective. People care about different things, and there’s no way to please everyone.

But coffee shops can please someone. My friend Michael Gilley has been secretly visiting Sabor Y Cultura, a coffee shop that he & I agreed has really bad coffee and tea. I was chatting with him recently and he even refused to admit that he was there again. Why does he like it? Because it is close to his apartment, it has Wi-Fi, & there is lots of seating (not many people are there!). He can tolerate some bad things because of the lots of other things he enjoys.

It is ok Gilley. You can go to that place all you want! We all have our secrets. I made instant coffee once last year and am only now admitting it. Wow, I feel better already.

The owners of an amazing coffee shop (called Cafe De Leche) frequent another shop (called Chango) that few coffee connoisseurs would ever approve. My twitter friend @TMESQ was upset that The Coffee Bean stopped serving Dark roast after 2pm. My friend Will Keeler loves Jones Coffee in Pasadena, until he outlives his 15-30 minute parking welcome; then he’s back the next day!

Just as with all things in life unessential – coffee is about what makes you happy. A taste of exquisite espresso, a moment to relax or connect, a place to sit outside. Those values are different for everyone, but for everyone they are also important. Maybe coffee is necessary. It is to me.

*Important note to editor:* This post was written in a moment of unselfish weakness! Please delete it all and post “Good Coffee IS the only thing that counts.” 😉

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