Downbeat Cafe | Silverlake

Downbeat is a delicious & fun alternative to Silverlakes either ‘too expensive’ or ‘too hip’ alternatives.

My barista’s overly whipped cappuccino won’t win next years SCAA Barista Championship, but it was fairly tasty non the less.

Scones are made IN-HOUSE every morning, and taste very fresh. They are not quite the big heavy type I’m typically fond of, but have fruit in the middle & a really nice texture.

The almost ‘diner’ type feel of inside seating, paired with music albums on wall, makes it feel more an ‘upbeat’ cafe. No internet (although you can sometimes steel from the library for quick emails), but Downbeat is a perfect place for a meeting, to study, or read a book, or just make the heavy Alvarado traffic jealous as you stare at them sipping a macchiato.


Los Angeles, CA

Downbeat Cafe
1202 North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 483-3955

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