LAMILL Coffee Boutique | Silverlake

LAMILL Coffee Boutique | Silverlake

Lamill Coffee Boutique is a must try for coffee connoisseurs in Los Angeles. It has a unique coffee ‘program’ going on, really great food, and a nicely laid out environment. Coffee lovers, listen closely: if you perk up to a donut infused whip cream over espresso, served in a 3 oz cup with its own glass pedestal, you’ll love this review.

Their coffee drinks are consistently very good. I usually order the double macchiato here, which uses their own roasted LAMILL espresso beans. Beyond all the standard espresso drinks, they serve chemex coffee, siphon brewed coffee, clover coffee, and a myriad of weird “exotic” type custom made drinks. They were the first coffee shop to serve a drink called the Coffee and a Cigarette, which is what attracted me to begin with (now discontinued due to high price of lab testing for FDA approval, but definitely worth remembering).

Their food, like their drinks, are expensive – but great. Their pastries aren’t amazing, and servers are clear to customers that they’re not a bakery. However full plates are extremely good. Owner Craig Min explained to me that Providence chef Michael Cimarusti has helped with their menu (which actually makes the food prices seem reasonable)

The polished and beautiful shop is great for meetings, hanging out, spending money, etc. If you bring a laptop or book – you’ll just have to be flexible because it just doesn’t feel like that sort of place. This is what the name implies it is: a coffee boutique.

In everything from the design of Lamill, to the waiters/waitresses outfits & attitudes, to the adverts in the front of the building saying “Not opening near you, or on every other block” – it is obvious that coffee is supposed to be experienced at LAMILL. It’s a unique place where you see, smell, drink, and talk about coffee.


Los Angeles, California

Lamill Coffee Boutique
1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, California
(323) 663-4441

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