Silverlake Coffee Co| Silverlake

Silverlake Coffee Co| Silverlake

Silverlake Coffee on Silverlake Blvd in Silverlake Los Angeles has obviously emphasized clear communication in their name. And from the moment you step in, it’s obvious that the owners are in the business of being just that – a business. Everything seems clean, organized, and thought through.

My cappuccino was surprisingly decent. Espresso tasted ok, milk good temperature, an attempt at latte art: it all seemed as if the barrista was at least trying to make a good drink.

My coffee-cake muffin was really nice. It’s not make in-house, but really fresh and very tasty.

If you’re looking for a place to work: use laptop, read a book, or even have an outdoor smoke – this is your place. Silverlake Coffee has lots of seating, free Wi-Fi, and electric plugs everywhere (even outside). It seems like they’ve really thought through a good environment designed for study/work.

Silverlake Coffee is not artsy. There aren’t weird rugs & old couches (Bourgeois Pig, if you please). There wasn’t an architect involved in the layout (cough cough – LAMill – cough cough). It’s just a coffee shop. It’s as if someone bought a book called “How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop in 12 Easy Steps and Make Money In the Process,” and then followed all 12 steps. The ironic thing though is that this is Silverlake – where artists & hipsters abound.

I’d have to say that I would recommend it for certain things: decent coffee, decent work environment, decent everything. Not bad, not amazing, but just decent. But I love amazing. And that’s why I’m not here very often.


Los Angeles, CA

Silverlake Coffee Co
2388 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 913-0388

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