Zephyr Coffee House | Pasadena

Yet another Pasadena favorite is the Coffee House / Hookah Hangout / Art Gallery on Colorado Blvd. I’ve been here tons of times over the last few years, – but rarely for coffee (hint hint) and thought I’d review for those of you interested in there unique location.

At Zephyr, if you ask if their coffee is fresher than 30 minutes, you may be satisfied enough to get by. It’s never been super tasty for me, but might be worth the caffeine in a pinch. I ordered a macchiato this morning just to re-test and I’d most definitely not recommend you doing the same. Maybe Tea’s are the way to go here.

Food isn’t bad though. They seem to have fairly fresh bagels, muffins, etc. The service is super friendly, although sometimes slow in my experience.

But in terms of location – Zephyr used to be an actual house. It has several rooms, free internet, outdoor and indoor seating, and the feel of a great place to study. Outside in the evenings though they serve Hookah, which I highly recommend.

If your a coffee snob, this isn’t the place to grill the baristas. But if you’re just looking for nice environment to hang or study – check out Zephyr’s & post your thoughts back here!


Pasadena, CA

2419 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA
(626) 793-7330

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