Daily Coffee Exhibit:
Artists Welcome

Daily Coffee Exhibit:<br /> Artists Welcome

Friedrich Nietzsche believed that art is the proper task of life. This sentiment is something that resonates strongly with my own desire to make, create, and express in all areas of life.

And yet, can coffee fall into the category of art? Coffee addicts who drink to feed a need for caffeine, sugar, or even socialization aren’t going to be invited to any upcoming exhibits, right? On the other hand, there aren’t any rules about what makes art art. It is simply creative expression.

Art is, according to Henry Kissinger, “man’s expression of his joy in labor.” It can be for work or play. It just has to be with passion. And if you visit my kitchen, you’ll find a passionate barista (even if only for 5 minutes before work!).

It might sound lame. That’s fine. This article probably wasn’t meant for you. But if you resonate with a desire to make all things amazing in your life – you’re in for a real surprise here.

You are a coffee artist the moment you start trying to make amazing coffee.

Making coffee at home is a brilliant place to liberate your creative prowess. You can create drip brew, french press, percolated coffee, siphoned coffee, mud coffee, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos: all within your own studio/kitchen. Each type of coffee can be refined in literally hundreds of methods. Each of those hundreds of methods can be further restyled with thousands of types of beans, roast levels, blends, and grind types. And this is all before sugar, milk, or flavors are added!

And what’s more – each cup of coffee you make is more than rare – it is the only that exists. You cannot perfectly copy it, and it starts diminishing immediately. It must be enjoyed by you or a friend straightaway. But that’s ok – because the moment you get the creative urge again, your canvas will already be cleared.

The daily coffee exhibit is in your house. It is sometimes public, sometimes private. Many times it will be a great show, and sometimes a complete flop. But every day it will be fun, inspiring, and most of all: rewarding.

The Semi is the weekly school paper for Fuller Theological Seminary.

This post is probably final post for a while – as other work/responsibilities are pulling my financials strings. Writing for the paper and this blog has been great fun and I greatly appreciate all my [unfortunate coffee fanatic] readers!

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