Priscilla’s Coffee Tea & Gifts | Burbank

Priscilla’s is a quant little coffee shop with great outdoor seating, a super friendly staff, and exactly the types of food and drinks you would expect of a Burbank coffee shop.

My most recent cappuccino would be very average compared to LA coffee shops: good espresso, decent milk, no latte art, and a ‘bla’ sort of tasting experience that leaves you much more focused on conversation and ambiance than actually noticing what you’re drinking. Of course I know I’m not the easiest coffee lover to please sometimes, but I honestly will order drinks here again from time to time. They don’t serve bad drinks by any stretch, just not anything to tell your friends about.

Admittedly I haven’t tried anything but scones from here, which are more to my liking than their drinks. But if that is any indication of their other pastries, I would recommend them for sure.

The environment outside is great. The seats wrap around their corner location with umberellas and a decent amount of space per seat. Inside is a little bit more cosy, yet still has a definitely positive vibe going for it.

This is a great place for casual date, or short meeting, or buying gifts (if you’re really bored). And although they have wireless internet – it can get busy at times, so ‘coffee campers’ should be considerate.


Burbank, CA

Priscilla’s Coffee Tea & Gifts
4150 West Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA
(818) 843-5707

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