What we do…

Finding great coffee, tea, and culture in LA is all about who you know. You can’t really find amazing coffee shops by going to yelp. It just doesn’t work.

So we’re going to do your leg work for you, give you some good tips, and then….

YOU have to decide.

Go checkout the ones we recommend, and some that we don’t. Give us tips too on who we can review next. We want you to be involved.

The main thing is that LA has so many cool places to check out, but there are twice as many lame joints that take up your attention. So what we’re hoping to do is give you a list of some cool places to start, whether coffee, tea, cupcakes, muffins. There are some really cool places you can’t even imagine exist, and they’re probably across the street.

So start by checking out a few of our reviews. We’re just starting – so be patient as we get going. Plus you can help us by recommending a new places.