Just My Opinion

I’d like to clarify my intentions for each of my reviews for both coffee shops, and restaurants in general.

I love coffee. I hope that coffee shop owners love it too. If you are a coffee shop owner, and think I wrote a misleading review, I would LOVE to re-review your business. Please contact me here to request a re-review. I try to have sufficient evidence of my opinions in any case, many times attempting to have been served 3 or more times from a business.

Please know that hope my criticism to be taken as constructive, not destructive! I will never intend any defamation on any business which serves Coffee. I like coffee. I am happy when coffee shops are making it at all.

But if you feel I have in any way defamed your business or name, I will, as mentioned before, re-review the restaurant. I will also, in some cases, consider re-wording certain phrases that might sound presumptuous. I try to keep those types of phrases out of my review. But if I feel the article is both TRUE, and constructive as much as it is critical – I will not re write it. I also do not intend to take any post down, and you should not try to bully me into doing so. I believe in freedom of speech, and will defend it whenever possible.

The long and short of it is: this is just my opinion! My name is in the blog title, and currently I don’t even have comment ratings (just an agree/disagree), so I hope there is sufficient evidence that each review is done solely by me – one person. One measly little opinion. And my opinion is sometimes inaccurate. Just ask my wife.

If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements to this blog, or just want to connect with me, please contact me here.